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  We cater to all types of events such as: 


  • Weddings

  • Receptions 

  • Birthdays



  • Corporate

  • Anniversaries 

  • Launch Parties



  • Christmas   

  • New Years

  • Religious



  • Boat Cruise Parties

  • Fundraisers 

  • House & Backyard Parties


Virtual Guestbook

Looking for creative ways to make your event memorable & unique? 


Tired of the same old guestbook?


 Photo booth not fun anymore?


How about capturing all those hazy moments at the end of the night, with some behind-the -scenes footage your normal videoagpher

won't capture?


Eminent Flow can help with the

Virtual Guestbook! 


Your guests will have the opportunity to record their heart-warming wishes on video. 


Professionally edited by the Eminent Flow team, the Virtual Guestbook will make for an enjoyable watch every time!


What’s included?


(click here to see our packages)


Now guests will have something fun to do & the host will know exactly who was at the event!


*The Virtual Guestbook can be done at all types of events*


Decor & Rentals

Eminent Flow is all about being unique and standing out from the rest, and we work closely with our affiliate decor partner for that very reason. 


Your guests will be left mesmerized by our stunning sets  and decor that will bring your venue to life!


Choose from various themes, ranging from Bollywood, Traditional, Modern

& Contemporary.


Have a certain vision or design for your event?

 Our experts will bring it to life!




At Eminent Flow, we offer a wide range of in-house services. Whether big or small, Eminent Flow can do it all!



We are also affiliated with many of the top quality vendors in the industry, so we can work within your budget.



Check out the services below:



Event Planning & Coordination














Deciding on a theme? 

Looking at venues?

Confused which vendors to choose?


Picking the right vendors is an important part of planning any event.


More importantly, coordination is key to make sure it all flows together.


Our experts have years of experience in the fiield of event managment, and have earned the title of "experts in FLOW managment"!


We know how to interact with people and are very easy to get along with.


We go the extra mile at every event we do, and don't just treat our clients as clients, but we treat them like friends & family.


(Check out our event planning packages)


We can customize & modify our services to suit each client's unique needs!



DJ Services












Choosing the right DJ is crucial, as music is an important part of any party.


Eminent Flow's in house DJ has everything you want in a DJ to ensure your dance floor is always packed!  


 We read the crowd, mix the music accordingly, and of course provide quality service with quality equipment to ensure there is never a dull moment.


Check out our DJ packages coming soon

Mixtape coming soon

Video Shooting & Editing















Eminent Flows media department can bring any idea to life. 


Our passion of video shooting and editing is just an added bonus for any client


We can create anything a client is looking for.


We specialize in highlight videos, parody videos, commercials & documentaries.
























Tired of the same old boring slideshow?


Eminent Flow's customized, creative, unique & entertaining slideshow can tell your story & set the mood.


This type of slideshow can be added to the program for the night & guests will actually pay attention as they enjoy the show.


We also offer a basic slideshow

to be played in the background for any sort of gathering.


MC Services


Looking for someone to host your event?


You need a host who can engage the crowd, be loud, funny, and get their attention!


Eminent Flow's team of hosts will ensure your night is an enjoyable one.




Interactive Fun

Need to add some fun and excitment to the party? Do you want the guest to get involved?


Eminent Flows interactive fun service does just that! We can create a game show atmoshphere that you see on TV. 


 We have many different types of games, all depending on the type of event.

We can customize each game based on client preference.


                             "X-Ray the Magician"

                             We also have our magician

                             X-Ray, who is funny &       
                             entertaining for all ages!

                             He does stage shows  

                             & table side magic.

                             Ask us for more details. 




Planning your kid's birthday or special event?


Want to have some fun, exciting entertainment that not only the kids but the adults will love?


Look no further as Eminent Flow offers mascot services.


Mascots to choose from:


Cookie Monster

Micky Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Buzz Lightyear


Hello Kitty

new Hulk Hogan


Be sure to ask about our additional services such as face painting & balloon animals.

Personal Training


Want to be healthy? Look good? Feel great? How about fitting into that wedding attire before the big day?


Then look no further as Eminent Flow's Personal Training service is here!


Our certified and licensed personal trainer will help you reach your goals.


Our trainer has been in the fitness industry for many years and has achieved remarkable results.


Now you can achieve them too!

So stop procastinating about getting into shape before the big day and give us a call!



Bride & Groom Personal Training plan:


3 Month Get Fit for MY DAY Plan!

3 days/wk

7 day meal plan


Month 1: Fundamental Push

Month 2: High drive weight loss

Month 3: Get fit for the Red Carpet


Advertising a Business


Having trouble advertising your business?

Does it seem overwhelming? Stressful?


Well look no futher as our team of professionals 

can assist business owners with advertising their company.


We Provide the following:


Website Creation

Graphic Work/Company Logos

Social Media Advertising/Maintenance

Printing Business Cards/Flyers/Banners

T-shirts Prints


Commercial Videos


In-house Catering



Eminent Flow also offers in-house catering for small gatherings at home or small venues.


Our very own chef can cook many different styles of dishes but with a healthy twist to it!


Party of 15-25


Choice of Culture Creations:


Indian/Pakistani - Italian - Chinese - Jamaican - Traditional Canadian Love


2 Appetizers + 1 Fruit Basket

3 Main Course + Salad

1 Dessert + World Class Indian Tea


Party of 26 - 50


Choice of Culture Creations:


Indian/Pakistani - Italian - Chinese - Jamaican - Traditional Canadian Love


3 Appetizers + 1 Fruit Basket

5 Main Course + 2 Salads

2 Dessert + World Class Indian Tea




Call us today for more details!



Experience the Flow for yourself


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