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Check out some samples of our work:
Agarwals Based in Canada - Annual Gala 2016 - Highlights
November 4th, 2016

Eminent Flow brings you highlights from the Agarwals Based in Canada - Annual Gala 2016 at the Canadian Convention Centre.

Highlight Videos:
Eminent Flow - New Intro
Raffy & Teresa’s 25th Wedding Anniversary - Highlights
September 18th, 2015

Eminent Flow brings you highlights from Raffy & Teresa's 25th Wedding Anniversary event .

Nishant & Rishi's 1st Birthday Party - Highlights
September 20, 2013

Watch some family fun as we get together to celebrate Nishant & Rishi's 1st Birthday.

Sunkalp & Divya's Boat Cruise Party - Highlights 
May 25th, 2013

This beautiful soon-to-be couple partied with family & friends to showcase the start of two families becoming one, and more importantly, two people becoming one.

Enjoy, and look out for a special surprise Sunkalp had planned for Divya.



Elmo & Cookie Monster Live Performance
September, 2013

Eminent Flow brings you something unique & fun, when Elmo & Cookie Monster entertain the audience & interact with all the children at Nishant & Rishi's 1st Birthday Party.



Parody Videos:
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge "Eye of the Tiger Parody"
August, 2014

I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge nominated by Rahul!
Now with a little help from the "Eye of the Tiger" I was able to accomplish this challenge!

Enjoy this parody video folks, it's not your normal ALS Ice bucket challenge video.



Wanted - Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
March, 2014

One man is on a mission to find his friend a bride. He takes some photos of potential brides to help him to find his wife-to-be. Let's watch and see just which girl he chooses!



Yusuf (Peter) & Fariha's Wedding Reception
June, 2013

Let's watch the history of this beautiful couple, and see just how they became one!



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